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Personalised Knee Replacements

I have received enquires from patients regarding ‘Personalised Knee Replacements’. Personalised knee replacements refer to total knee replacements which are performed utilising MRI technology to produce personalised positioning guides to be used during the knee replacement.

Several implant manufacturers have rolled out the above technology. The prosthesis implanted in the patient are implants which has established long term clinical outcome.  MRI scans are obtained which produce a 3-D image of the knee, from which positioning guides are manufactured, individualised to the patient. These guides then allow the surgeon to size an implant which is individualised for the patient, regardless of the patient size, gender or ethnicity.

In my view personalised knee replacements may have a role in optimising clinical outcomes after total knee replacements; but only time will tell. The technology allows not just custom fit of the implant for the patient, but allows the surgeon to double check prosthesis alignment, as subtle prosthesis malalignment may be a factor causing patient dissatisfaction in some cases.  The implants utilised (e.g. NextGen from Zimmer, Vanguard from Biomet, etc) are implants which have good long term clinical outcome as recorded in the literature.

Personalised Knee Replacements

Personalised knee replacements are increasingly been offered to patients in an effort to custom make implants to the specific knee anatomy of patients.

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